Dear Libido…Why did you leave me??

Perhaps there's more than the newspaper to occupy your time on lazy mornings...

Perhaps there's more than the newspaper to occupy your time on lazy mornings...

Dear Libido,

Why did you leave me?? And what do I have to do to get you back in my life? 

–No Mojo

Dear No Mojo,

You just might be walking around with an undetected hormone imbalance that’s been sabotaging your sex life. Why, and how does this happen? Well, hormones work in synchrony to maintain balance sort of like an orchestra, where if one instrument is out of tune the whole symphony suffers, or like a seesaw, where too much weight at one end causes the board to swing wildly back and forth before it eventually slams to the ground.

And so it goes with hormones – take testosterone, the hormone we all associate with the drive, desire and libido of the species. Potent though it is meant to be, testosterone has to take a back seat to cortisol, the master stress hormone that when operating in overdrive will make us too tense or tired for lovemaking.  When stress hormones stay stuck on the high end of normal for too long, it is not unusual for the hallmark symptoms of hormone imbalance to set in: mood swings, insomnia, headaches, and feeling generally annoyed, impatient and definitely not in the mood.

Another all too common libido-lowering scenario is estrogen dominance, a situation where estrogen levels are too high relative to too low levels of progesterone, its’ balancing partner. This classic imbalance tends to trigger overproduction of a protein known as SHBG, or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, you don’t have to remember that! But what you do need to understand is that when there are too many SHBG proteins around on account of excess estrogens, they actually deplete testosterone making it unavailable for the heavy libido lifting. At the same time estrogen dominance also runs interference on thyroid function, blocking or slowing it down leading to lethargy, weight gain, depression and other low-thyroid culprits, none of which do much for one’s libido.

So my considered advice dear No Mojo is to find out if you have a hidden imbalance that may be dimming your desire by testing your hormone levels as soon as you can say “saliva test.” This is the most convenient, stress-free and painless (no needles) way to measure hormone levels.  Saliva and bloodspot tests too can measure bioavailable or “free” hormone levels to help identify which hormones are actively at work in your body, and which are playing hooky. Shedding a light on this hormonal playing field can illuminate long ignored imbalances that may not only be the culprit behind a libido gone AWOL but a number of other unwanted symptoms you had no idea were caused by a hormone imbalance.

What to do now? Check out the test kit + consultation packages I offer HERE.

Follow the easy home collection instructions, mail in your samples in the self-contained mailer, and book a phone consult with me to review and interpret your test results once you have them in your hot little hand. We can take an hour to review your results together so that you fully understand any detected imbalances, how they relate to your symptoms, natural supplements you may need to take, and lifestyle changes to make that will bring your hormones back into balance and your libido back into your life.