40min Phone Consult w/ Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch

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40min Phone Consult w/ Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch

DURING YOUR CONSULT: Candace will ask about your top hormonal concerns and explain how your top symptoms relate to your recent hormone levels. She will ask about your stress and lifestyle habits, review root causes for imbalances and provide her top suggestions for holistic rebalancing, including stress management, nutrition, key supplements / herbs and/or bioidentical hormones (depending on results/symptoms). She can also provide guidance speaking with doctors about hormone therapy or birth control concerns (if applicable).

AFTER YOUR CONSULT: you'll receive a brief post-call recap with links to some products or resources discussed (this is not as in-depth as the custom guide).

SPECIALTIES: perimenopause (women ages 35+), menopause/post menopause support (12 months+ without a period), hormone education, understanding test results, bioidentical hormone options for rebalancing hormones, relieving symptoms and reducing risks for hormone associated disorders and disease (from fibroids to breast cancers).

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