A La Carte Custom Rebalancing Guide

A La Carte Custom Rebalancing Guide

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For those looking for a deeper understanding of their hormone test results and symptoms, we encourage scheduling a 40min phone consultation with our founder, Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch.

Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch, MA

DURING YOUR CONSULT: Candace will explain how your top symptoms relate to your test results and help you determine key factors contributing to hormone highs, lows or "suboptimal" levels. She will review her top suggestions for holistic rebalancing, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, supplements/herbs and/or bioidentical hormones. She can also help you prepare to speak to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy and/or birth control concerns (if applicable). AFTER YOUR CONSULT Candace will send brief notes and links to anything discussed, but it will not be an in-depth recap (we suggest adding a guide for that).

SPECIALITIES: At 74, Candace is particularly passionate about supporting women through the perimenopause transition (mid/late 30s-early 50s) as well as helping women feel their best throughout menopause! (Although she enjoys speaking with women of ALL ages dealing with hormonal ups and downs). 

SCHEDULING: Candace offers appointments Tuesdays & Thursdays between 9-6pm PST.

Learn more about Candace HERE


For greater support and accountability with your hormone health goals, we encourage scheduling a 50min phone consultation with our in-house Holistic Health Coach, Jess Suchan. 

Hormone Health Coach, Jess Suchan

DURING YOUR CONSULT: Jess will dig into your top hormonal concerns and help get you set up for success on your road to rebalance, providing tangible nutrition tips, realistic goal setting, mindful eating, exercise, lifestyle adjustments and best herbs/supplements - based on your unique habits and lifestyle preferences! AFTER your consult, Jess will provide a recap of the items discussed and links to anything mentioned during the call. NOTE: Jess will not do a deep dive into hormone test results as a part of this consult.

SPECIALITIES: PMS and period support (relieving heavy/painful/irregular periods), cycle tracking / fertility awareness method, headache/migraine relief, post-birth control transition/support, recipe/sexy swap suggestions, exercise for hormone balance, nutrition and blood sugar balance and support for busy women / moms.

SCHEDULING: Jess offers appointments Tuesday-Friday between 9-5pm PST.

Learn more about Jess HERE.

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A La Carte Custom Rebalancing Guide

A La Carte Custom Rebalancing Guide