Optimal Aging, or Just Getting Old?

Aging gracefully does not include the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Aging gracefully does not include the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Dear Candace,
I really don’t understand all the fuss about hormone therapy. I’m getting older, so isn’t it normal and natural that my hormones are changing?
Aging Grace

Dear Grace,

You’re absolutely right! If you feel healthy, positive and are living an active life, your hormones may be perfectly in balance for your age. The goal of hormone therapy should NOT be to return you to the body and drive of your younger days…we all know by now that there is no actual Fountain of Youth! But hormone testing can allow you to achieve optimal aging.

Life in full bloom: Optimal aging includes keeping your hormones in balance.

In optimal aging, hormones all work in concert with each other, allowing you to stay active, alert and living a full and fulfilling life. But for many men and women of a certain age, a lack of hormone balance results in weight gain, lack of stamina, foggy thinking and other uncomfortable symptoms that are definitely not requirements of growing older.

Though the world of advertising — and even some doctors — will recommend hormone therapy to address specific symptoms, I am a huge advocate of hormone testing before treatment. Hormone testing assures you that you are choosing the right treatment to address symptoms, and avoids unnecessary side effects. As an example, you might want to check out my recent blog post on the proliferation of advertising and health implications for supplemental testosterone, or Low-T, here.

As a Hormone Health Educator and Consultant, my specialty is identifying and helping you understand the imbalance, and then help you decide the most effective way to address it through diet, lifestyle changes or bio-identical supplementation or replacement…whatever works best for you.

Hormone balance and optimal aging never boils down to just one hormone. It’s about all of the key players – estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, thyroid – working together, in sync and in harmony. Just like the symphony orchestra, if one instrument is out of tune, so goes the melody. Hormones are your internal symphony, and the goal is to keep them in tune with your body’s natural rhythms!