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 "Working with Candace has absolutely changed my life. Finding out the results of my hormones has been a game changer for my physical and mental health. Before, I was struggling to maintain or lose weight and felt like I was working so hard, but seeing no results. After getting tested with Candace and talking with her about a natural solution, we were able to make a plan that has improved my adrenals, reduced my cortisol levels and increased my overall energy and stamina. Candace is thoughtful, friendly, warm, smart, and on top of the game. I do, and would recommend her to anyone that I know!"

-Krista W.

“After testing my hormones and working with Candace, my energy has become more stable, my skin has cleared up, and I’ve started having periods again!

Beyond symptom relief, working with Candace has been a gateway to figuring out other health issues that have hindered my life for a very long time. She is an incredibly empathetic person and a great listener, and I absolutely love working with her!”

-Melina D.

“My experience working with Candace was incredible. My hormones were completely out of whack and I had no idea that could be what was causing so many other imbalances in my life. I was having a lot of health issues and working with Candace helped tremendously. The testing is easy and she describes your results in a way that makes sense. The action plan was clear and decisive and made it easy for me to follow and get my hormones back on track! I'm about to do another round of testing because the experience was so incredible! 10/10 recommend!”

-Raquel M.

“When I started working with Candace I had just come off hormonal birth control and felt totally out of whack. My libido was completely gone (despite being very attracted to my long term boyfriend), I had low energy, couldn’t sleep through the night and no periods. After testing and consulting with Candace, I found out that I had extremely low progesterone (reason for the low libido & trouble sleeping),  as well as very low testosterone and flat lining cortisol. She recommend bioidentical progesterone cream (to increase progesterone & testosterone levels) and several other supplements to support my adrenals. Within a few weeks I had marked improvement in my symptoms- better, deeper sleep, natural energy (without need for caffeine), and the return of my libido!! About two months later I got my period back, and have continued to have regular, normal cycles – which I hadn’t for years prior!

Candace provided SO MUCH helpful information after the consultation to further support my rebalancing journey, which helped me feel in control of this process and well educated on all the different imbalances and what to expect while my body rebalanced.”

-Elizabeth B.

“Working with Candace to re-balance my hormones has changed my life! I sleep all the way through the night, my metabolism is back to normal, I have energy and feel like myself again! I finally got real answers and help with symptoms I had been been struggling with for 5 years. I just knew my hormones were off but the traditional medicine world wasn’t taking my complaints seriously. Candace is so knowledgeable and supportive, I would recommend her to anyone who feels bad but doesn’t know why.”

-Margaret S.

“I can’t tell you how much better I’m feeling after 3 months following Candace’s suggestions, including using bio-identical progesterone cream, supplements, and cutting gluten and dairy from my diet (due to my Hashimotos diagnosis). I also started ovulating again and my luteal phase this past cycle was 12 days (which is the first time ever since I’ve gotten off birth control). Seriously I am shocked, and can’t thank Candace enough for her help in changing my life!”

-Ashley C.

“Working with Candace has been amazing. Total change! Libido, satisfaction during sex, energy, anxiety. It's all so much better. I have enough energy to go to the gym and so that's helped even more because I feel better and stronger. Can't say enough good things.”

-Orly S.

“I reached out to Candace after hearing her speak on a podcast.  I was 46 years old, entering peri-menopause and just about everything she said resonated with me. I was tired, moody, gaining weight and getting hot flashes. I decided it was time to get my hormones tested and find out what was going on with me.  I ordered and received my test kit and sent it back to the lab.

Two weeks later I had a one on one phone consultation with Candace where she reviewed my results and made recommendations. I was instantly impressed with her knowledge and passion about balancing hormones by using supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes and bio-identical hormones. It turned out that I was estrogen dominant and low in testosterone. Candace explained what this meant and also went over all of my symptoms and gave suggestions for each and every one of them. She sent me an action plan via email and told me which sections to follow. I immediately started using bio-identical progesterone cream and taking several supplements recommended by Candace.

At first, I was getting more hot flashes and had some changes to my cycle. I emailed Candace and she responded quickly that this was normal and to keep using the cream until my body adjusted.  I continued and by month 3 I was feeling 90% better. I had more energy, less body aches, was sleeping better and was less moody and irritable.

After my 3rd cycle I decided to re-test to see if I was simply imagining these changes or if the hormone cream and supplements were actually working.

My results showed a huge improvement in the ratio of estrogen to progesterone. I was no longer estrogen dominant. My testosterone didn’t change, so during this consultation Candace suggested increasing one of my supplements and adding another, she also said I should get more weight bearing exercise (ok that one was my fault for being lazy).  Once again, Candace patiently went over my results with me and gave me additional suggestions to continue my journey to improvement.

I cannot say enough good things about Candace. She is not only incredibly smart and knowledgeable but more importantly she is just an amazing and kind person who is great to talk to.  I would highly recommend working with Candace to anyone who is experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance balance, she will change your life.”

-  Aimee G.