What to Expect in
Your Hormone Balance Consult

Now that you've tested your hormone levels and have your test report in hand, the most important learning begins - understanding what your results mean and what you can do about them. After all, You can't change what you don't understand!

In your Hormone Balance Consult: we’ll review and discuss each of the hormones tested in your report, explain their function, identify imbalances as pinpointed in the test report and tie these imbalances back to specific symptoms you are experiencing. We will also discuss your current diet, exercise, stress and lifestyle habits in relation to your test results. Note: certain packages include additional consultations to review action plan progress.

Your Hormone Balance Action Plan: following our phone consultation I will email a recap of our discussion within a week, along with a personalized Action Plan based on our review of your test results. All-natural approaches, from nutritional, adaptogenic (adrenal supporting) herbs, supplements and use of "bioidentical" hormones (as needed) are tailored to your individual needs and are chosen specifically for their hormone balancing properties. Our guiding emphasis is on the foods, exercise, stress management and lifestyle habits that can help you get back in balance and back in action.

Re-testing Your Hormone Balance
To ensure that we've got you on the path to successfully re-balancing your hormones, it is ideal to retest your levels about 3 months (90 days) after our initial consult. With before and after test results to compare, this is the best way to track progress and make necessary adjustments to your action plan for the greatest benefit!