Your Hormone Test Results

Proper interpretation of your test results is vital to correlate your hormone levels with troublesome symptoms you may be experiencing now, or have been dealing with for years. Your test results are the starting point for us to discuss balancing those levels using practical suggestions for diet, stress management, lifestyle and other therapies as needed that can restore you to your best self.

If you have ordered a test kit and consult package through Your Hormone Balance, your test results will be sent to me approximately 5 to 7 days after the lab receives your samples for processing. As soon as I receive your results I will be in touch to let you know they are ready. At that time you will want to make an appointment on the scheduler for the "50 minute prepaid consult". Once an appointment is booked, I will email a pdf copy of your test report right before our consult.

If you already have test results that you ordered through Canary Club or a different lab, you can book a 50 mn. consult to review these results at the scheduler on my website. Please send your hormone test results to me as an attachment at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled consultation using the link below. I'll evaluate them and look forward to helping you achieve hormone balance so you can live your best life!

Here are a few ways you can prepare to get the most value in your consultation: 

  • Please make notes of the symptoms or concerns you've had that led you to suspect hormonal imbalance or investigate hormone testing. My Printable Hormone Imbalance Symptom Checklist may be helpful. 
  • I often ask about diet, medications or supplements you currently take, exercise and other factors that can affect hormone balance.
  • Though I'll be sending you a rebalancing action plan within a week of our conversation, you may want to have note-taking materials handy as we speak.