mood swings • hot flashes • night sweats • fatigue • headaches • depression • anxiety • moodiness • feeling teary • memory lapses • can’t lose weight • decreased libido • vaginal dryness • bleeding changes • heavy periods • painful periods • incontinence • fibrocystic breasts • tender breasts • uterine fibroids • fluid retention • sleep disturbances • weight gain • foggy thinking • bone loss • heart palpitations • stress • cold body temperature • sugar cravings • increased facial/body hair • scalp hair loss • oily skin • thinning skin • aches & pains • fibromyalgia

"Blame it on your hormones.
Then get them balanced, and get your life back."

Candace Burch, MA, Hormone Health Educator

Are your hormones in balance? 

Your Hormone Symptoms

Maybe you’ve gained weight, or can’t sleep, or your lack of energy or interest in sex is hurting your relationship. Maybe you’ve been chalking it up to age...but hey, you’re not that old! Nothing you do seems to work despite your best efforts, and you have begun to suspect that something more fundamental is going on. You’ve come to the right place!

Your Hormone Consultation

Once you test your hormones, you'll receive results showing your hormone levels. As a hormone health educator, I can help you understand how each level relates to your symptoms, how various hormones interact to produce those symptoms, and most important, how to get back to your best with simple, self-directed care and responsibility for your own health and hormonal balance. 


My mission is to educate and empower you to direct your own path to hormone balance using test results as a guide to viable self-care options and natural hormone therapies. In your consult we'll cover everything from lifestyle improvements in diet, sleep, exercise and stress control, to the judicious use of high quality over-the-counter support supplements and/or bioidentical hormones as needed.