Are your hormones out of balance? 

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 Let me help you find relief!

"My mission is to educate and empower you to direct your own path to hormone balance using saliva test results as a guide to natural hormone relief and rebalancing.

In your consult we'll cover everything from lifestyle improvements in diet, sleep, exercise and stress control, to the judicious use of high quality over-the-counter support supplements, herbs and/or bioidentical hormones as needed."

-Candace Burch, M.A., Hormone Health Educator


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Maybe you’ve gained weight, can’t sleep, or your lack of energy or interest in sex is hurting your relationship. Maybe you’ve been chalking it up to age...but hey, you’re not that old! Nothing you do seems to work despite your best efforts, and you have begun to suspect that something more fundamental is going on. Take our QUIZ to find out if your symptoms could be caused by a hidden hormonal imbalance!


Your Hormone Consultation

Your hormone test kit comes with a followup phone consult that will explain what test results tell us and arm you with natural self-care options to take back control of your health and hormonal balance. Using the test report as our guide, I can walk you through the highs and lows and identify which imbalances are the culprits behind your most troublesome symptoms. . 



- Candace Burch, MA