How Does Hormone Testing Work?

Your hormone test kit contains everything you need to collect your saliva samples and return them to the laboratory for analysis: 

  • 4 collection tubes for morning/afternoon/evening/bedtime samples
  • Collection instructions: note special directions for cycling women and hormone users
  • Requisition form: please mark all symptoms, e.g. mild, moderate, or severe
  • Mailer bag with pre-paid UPS postage for easy return of samples to the lab for processing
  • Your results are ready 5 to 7 biz days from when your samples arrive at the lab

Why I recommend SALIVA hormone testing vs. Standard Blood TESTING...WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

Saliva testing is preferred by functional and integrative medicine practitioners, not only because it is *non-invasive and pain free, but because test results tell us so much about the root cause of numerous hormonal woes.

In saliva, we are measuring free, unbound, bioavailable, or ACTIVE hormones that have left the blood stream to become activated in the cells of the body where hormones do their work. Capturing these hormone levels in saliva, as they move freely through salivary glands into the target cells of the body, we can pinpoint deficiencies, excesses and imbalances that match up with the specific symptoms we are experiencing.

In standard blood tests, free, active hormone levels are not measured. What is generally measured are hormones still "bound" to red blood cells and thus INACTIVE. So a blood test can't tell us if we are making the right amount of hormones, or how well they are working for us at the cellular level. But that's exactly what we need to know in order to determine if the symptoms we suffer from are hormone related.

Bottom line:  Saliva testing sheds light upon hidden hormone imbalances and directly links them to the symptoms they cause. This is news we can use to make a difference in our health and longevity! Blood test results are not that helpful in pinpointing the specific hormone imbalances that sabotage our health and undermine our best efforts to live right.

*Saliva testing is gold standard for assessment of adrenal function since standard blood draws using needles can provoke a stress response that falsely skews test results.