Introducing the “WTF: Women Talking Frankly” Podcast by YHB Founder Candace Burch and Nurse Practitioner, Kyle McAvoy


Have you had a chance to tune into our founder’s podcast: WTF: Women Talking Frankly(Co-hosted with her best friend, nurse practitioner, Kyle McAvoy)


Kyle McAvoy and Candace Burch lead lively conversations that address the essential issues women like you face throughout life’s transitions. They bring their decades of experience specializing in hormones and women’s healthcare to shed light on PMS, menopause, sex, aging and more.

Their podcasts cover things you might be afraid or embarrassed to ask about. They have dynamic let’s-get-real discussions with experts about the heart, head, and health topics that matter most to women. 

Kyle and Candace are committed to helping women find the right questions to ask that will lead to answers for richer and healthier lives. Kyle is a women’s healthcare nurse practitioner and hormone specialist at the Pearl Women’s Center in Portland Oregon. Candace is a women’s health educator, journalist and founder of YourHormoneBalance.com. Candace and Kyle are cofounders of Menopausibilites: Hormones in Harmony, Lives in Balance.



Kyle has been a certified Women’s Health Care nurse practitioner for 32 years and has a passion for helping women of all ages and backgrounds achieve hormone balance and health-related goals. She has been with the Pearl Women’s Center, a busy and innovative GYN clinic in downtown Portland, OR for 11 years. 

Kyle is co-founder of the blog Menopausibilities and of the podcast Women Talking Frankly, WTF!

Originally from New York , Kyle moved west after completing her BA in French. She then decided her other passion was health and wellness, so she attended undergraduate and graduate school at Oregon Health & Science University.

Kyle has called the beautiful Pacific Northwest her home for almost 40 years. She lives with her husband and best friend Joe, and their sweet black English labrador Rosie, in NW Portland. Kyle and Joe are blessed to live near their two wonderful grown children, Conor and Julia.

Kyle has been described by as having a lot of energy! That energy allows her to pursue the things she loves: spending time with family and friends, taking endless walks on the beach and in the woods, cooking, playing tennis and sometimes golf, practicing yoga and photography, reading and travel.  Kyle works hard to stay fit and hormonally balanced. Email Kyle


Candace’s chosen career as a health educator, journalist, and women’s health advocate is a journey spanning two continents over 30 years.

It started with a skiing injury that led to the overuse of anti-inflammatories that didn’t help Candace and only made things worse. Herbal remedies and a cleansing diet eventually took away Candace’s pain and made her a believer in natural medicine. She spent the next decade advancing the stay healthy, prevent disease mantra in media and medical publishing. It wasn’t until much later when she started having hot flashes every 20 minutes and meltdowns for no apparent reason that hormones entered the picture. In Candace’s search for relief, she found a simple saliva test that identified the hidden hormone imbalances behind her roller coaster symptoms. That information not only restored her health and sanity but probably saved her marriage!

It also propelled Candace into a Masters degree, and her true calling as a hormone health educator. Candace pursued and landed the position of director of education at ZRT Laboratory and learned from the experts how to use hormone testing to detect and correct hormone imbalances.

As a founding member of Women in Balance, one of the first nonprofits in the country to advocate for women’s hormone health, Candace helped to raise public awareness at a national level and lobbied senators on Capitol Hill for safe access to bioidentical alternatives to HRT.

Always on her soapbox, Candace’s work continues as a public speaker, hormone health educator, and private consultant. She has counselled countless women and men on all things hormonal.

Candace’s goal is to help people rebalance their hormones in order to relieve symptoms and restore balance in their lives. In her own life she practices what she preaches as often as possible and maintains balance by doing what comes naturally, deliberately.

Learn more about Candace, Kyle and the WTF podcast HERE.

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