Listen to Candace Chat with her Daughters on their @Solo2.0 Podcast


Want to learn how Candace became a hormone health educator? She sat down with her two daughters (YHB Co-founder Ryan Burch, and YHB’s In-House Holistic Health Coach Jess Suchan of @BodyBlissByJess) to dive into her past AND talk about her present work helping women naturally rebalance their hormones with Your Hormone Balance.

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In this episode, Candace shares:
--Her experience growing up in the 50’s, moving from Chicago to Beverly Hills at a young age, and overcoming allergies and adrenal issues.
--Her experience on a 17 day juice fast while living on a health farm in the 70s
--Her reaction to birth control when it was first introduced
--Her work as Director of Education for one of the nation’s largest hormone testing labs PLUS so much more!

The “Solo2.0” Podcast is a podcast by two sisters, Rye Burch and Jess Suchan working in the health and wellness industry in L.A. Each week, they’ll bring you inspiration, education and insightful conversation from guests with diverse backgrounds and unique life experiences! They’ll also share their own ups and down within their health and careers, and will bring on their mom, hormone health educator Candace Burch, for round table discussions on health and wellness.

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