Balancing Hormones to Boost Fertility (Testing + Lifestyle + Diet Suggestions)

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Infertility is one of the top concerns among women we work with, and current stats by the CDC report that approximately 22.3% of married women have problems getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term. In Dr. Aviva Romm’s new book, Hormone Intelligence, she points out that over 40% of infertility causes are attributable to women and many are due to “unknown reasons” (i.e. hidden causes that conventional medicine doesn’t recognize or address).

To better understand the specific hormonal components that can contribute to challenges getting pregnant, check out our article on the Fertility Help Hub, including a break down of the best hormones to test and the specific steps you can take to naturally boost your fertility (diet / lifestyle) AND improve your overall hormone health!

After reading the article, we encourage you to explore the full Fertility Help Hub website, as it's a wonderful resource for everything pregnancy related, including in-depth articles, expert insights, pregnancy specific products, podcasts/videos AND community support (including an App)! After all, as much as getting educated about "what to do" to improve your fertility is helpful, getting SUPPORT from those who have experienced their own fertility challenges (and really "GET IT") is a must for your mental / emotional / hormonal health!

Check out the article + let us know if you have any questions via info@yourhormonebalance.com


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