Why Is My Anxiety High Before My Period?


Do you notice your anxiety soar the week before your period? You’re certainly not alone!

This phase of the menstrual cycle, known as the late luteal (referred to as the "PMS" week) is when we often hear women complain about anxiety (obsessive thoughts, worried about small things, overthinking, racing brain etc.) and it can have A LOT to do with the hormonal fluctuations that are happening.

➡️ It is only upon ovulation that we produce progesterone (the “calming hormone”) and when it rises, this stimulates the neurotransmitter GABA which is amazing at reducing anxiety and stress. If we aren’t ovulating regularly and/or producing enough progesterone (which we can detect via our saliva testing), then progesterone levels can be too low and anxiety can worsen. Estrogen and progesterone both peak after ovulation but then take a nose-dive before our period starts which can also increase anxious thoughts.

➡️ Resting cortisol “stress hormone” levels are higher during this phase so we are less resilient to stress, making it extra important to reduce potential stressors like over exercising, under eating, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, poor sleep and too many social plans/ obligations.

Ways to support your hormones and reduce anxiety include 👇

☑️ Balance blood sugar levels with protein, fat, nutrient rich carbs, veggies & fiber at every meal. Sign up for @bodyblissbyjess' FREE "Sexy 6 Formula" to support you + grocery shopping list here


☑️ Reduce alcohol, caffeine and sugar by finding swaps you love just as much! A low sugar sparkling probiotic beverage like this poured into a wine glass is great way to support the gut & satisfy cravings! 

☑️ Swap coffee for cacao hot cocoa’s or rooibos chai (@bodyblissbyjess makes her own which you can purchase here with code BALANCE10 for 10% off)

☑️ Make sure you’re prioritizing a good night’s sleep (aim to get to sleep and wake up at the same time each day to set your circadian rhythm) 

☑️ Swap high intensity exercise for more restorative movement to reduce cortisol "stress hormone" levels and move into the "rest & digest" state vs "fight or flight." Think: walks, yoga, mat pilates, stretches


☑️ Say “no” to too many plans and social events. Look at your calendar and reschedule, cancel or raincheck something causing you anxiety or overwhelm. Trust us, it will feel AMAZING. 

☑️ Eat ENOUGH. Women need about 250 extra calories during the luteal phase as metabolism increases. Complement your protein and fats with carbs like sweet potatoes, banana, chickpeas and quinoa which are nutrient rich and support serotonin production! 

☑️ Enjoy real dark chocolate without added sugar and dairy like the adaptogenic chocolate from JOYÁ! We love the "zen" bar with reishi mushroom as an evening treat. Use code BALANCE for 10% off here.

☑️ Add in fiber rich foods and cruciferous veggies to detox excess estrogen and support healthy progesterone levels. Think: leafy greens, avocado, artichoke, beans, whole grains, broccoli, kale and cauliflower. 


We also HIGHLY recommend getting your hormones tested in saliva which we offer via our testing & rebalancing packages HERE

Not sure if your symptoms align with a hormonal imbalance? Take our NEW and improved symptom quiz HERE, which will give you a discount towards any of our rebalancing packages.

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