Hormone Weight Balance + Bliss Package


Hormone Weight Balance + Bliss Package


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Work with mother daughter duo Candace Burch & Jessica Suchan of Body Bliss By Jess to identify the underlying causes of weight gain, belly fat, and/or challenges losing or maintaining weight.

Package includes:

>> Saliva test kit (measures progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol ‘stress hormone’ levels). Note: test kit samples collected from home.

>> Vitamin D Bloodspot kit (measures D2, D3)

>> 30 min initial phone consult with Candace - based on test results

>> 30 min follow up consult with Candace - 1-2 months after initial apt. (client to schedule)

>> 50 min health coaching session with Body Bliss by Jess- based on test results

>> Hormone Re-Balancing Action Plan - includes holistic diet, lifestyle + supplement recommendations designed to reduce detected imbalances

>> 20 day Sexy Sugar Cleanse (Eating for balance program created by Body Bliss by Jess)*

*bonus item, optional to follow

**contact info@yourhormonebalance.com with any questions or to split payment**

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