Hormone Balancing Star Ingredient: Cacao

Are you looking for healthier alternatives to satisfy your chocolate cravings? Then you must know about this incredible superfood! Raw cacao (different from cocoa which is highly processed), is one of the best food sources of antioxidants, even beating out green tea! It contains compounds known to trigger endorphin release and has been shown to boost serotonin levels in the brain!

When we crave chocolate before & during our period (luteal & menstrual phases), it can be a signal that we need to up our magnesium levels... found in some of the highest concentrations in raw cacao! This mineral can improve PMS symptoms like cramping, difficulty sleeping & mood dips! But be mindful that chocolate bars with milk & sugar will have the opposite effect and can increase inflammation, making PMS and period pain worse! A high quality, organic, dark chocolate (at least 70% raw cacao) like @beautybarchocolate is a hormone-supportive choice.

Finally, our holistic health coach @bodyblissbyjess just launched a line of sugar-free energizing + detoxifying latte blends, including a ‘Rose & Shine’ blend with a mix of @foodsalive organic cacao, beetroot powder, rose, @lakanto monkfruit, cinnamon and pink salt! You can grab a bag with code YHB10 for 10% off. Simply add to steamed milk of choice for a creamy latte or pop into smoothies, protein balls or chia puddings!

Fun fact: beetroot and cacao are both amazing sources of iron which women are often deficient in because of the amount we lose during our periods so it must be replenished for energy & to prevent anemia...this latte blend includes both so it's a double whammy! 💥💥 

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