Hormone Balancing Star Ingredient: Pumpkin Seeds


Seeds are one of the most nutrient-rich, supportive foods for hormone balance, healthy fertility & happy periods! Pumpkin seeds in particular often come up in the "aphrodisiac foods lists" because of their impressive levels of zinc which is the sex mineral known for boosting testosterone! Many of the women we work with struggle with low libido often linked back to low T levels so incorporating these powerful little seeds into your daily rituals can be a real turn-on ;) Zinc also helps improve the formation of the corpus luteum in the uterus which is responsible for producing progesterone! Omega-3s promote blood flow to the uterus, reducing period cramping and improving pain while vitamin E has been linked to reducing PMS. Fun & simple ways to incorporate:⁠

-Seed cycling (consuming 1TBSP ground flax + 1 TBSP ground pumpkin during 1st half of cycle + & 1TBSP ground sesame + 1TBSP ground sunflower during 2nd half of cycle) which can help balance hormones & regulate cycles! Check out @replenishedroots for pre-batched seed blends and more education!⁠

-Incorporate into protein energy balls with nut butter, coconut oil & collagen! You can find lots of recipes online ⁠

-Tossed on top of salads, bowls, or even yogurt parfaits and chia puddings! ⁠

-Made into a seed butter and spread on toast!⁠

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