Hormone Balancing Star Ingredient: Flax

What to know when buying Flax πŸ‘‡ Flax seeds are small but MIGHTY and can be easily incorporated into your daily rituals! They contain compounds called lignans which are a class of phytoestrogens that support the production AND elimination of excess estrogen in the body which encourages healthy production of progesterone and other sex hormones! They can be an amazing support for regulating cycles, improving fertility, and boosting energy! They're also rich in essential omega 3’s (healthy fat), zinc, and magnesium which can help with mood, relaxation + iron (which women need to replenish during their menstrual cycle)! ⁠

Some easy ways to add them into your routine: ⁠

βž• Sprinkle raw flaxseeds on top of superfood salads (or grind for even better absorption & easier digestion) ⁠

βž• Make into a homemade nut butter (lots of great recipes online) ⁠

βž• Enjoy as a milk (such as our fav, @malibumylk)⁠

βž• Mix into a grain-free granola & sprinkle on top of yogurt bowls ⁠

Note: Ever tried seed cycling? It's the daily ritual of adding 1 TBSP flax + 1 TBSP pumpkin seeds to your daily routine during the 1st 1/2 of the menstrual cycle & then switching to 1 TBSP sunflower & 1 TBSP sesame during the 2nd half for hormone balance, improved PMS symptoms, and more! ⁠

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