Essential Oils for Hormone Balance: Best Kinds + Ways to Use Them!

Did you know: Essential oils can be effective healers & helpers for hormone rebalancing, especially when combined with hormone testing, stress reduction techniques, healthy eating and targeted natural supplementation tailored to your needs.


Essential oils (EO) are made up of a complex mixture of natural chemicals that are extracted from the leaves, barks, rinds and herbs of plants. After distillation, the oil is separated from the water and concentrated into a very pure and powerful form, so its important to keep in mind that a little goes a long way! (And remember that since different oils have varying strengths and benefits, its always a good idea to check in with a qualified EO practitioner before using just any remedy, especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or have a chronic health condition).


Unfortunately, much like the beauty industry, essential oils are not always well regulated since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't actually have specific regulations on their use, so it's a bit like the wild west out there! Most oils on the shelves and online are chemically altered or chock full of additives that can wreak havoc on your hormones and create a reaction opposite to what you want when beginning an EO ritual!


First, make sure you are buying an essential oil and not a fragrance oil...They can look very similar! It is also a good sign to see a price variance between different oils within a brand because different oils require different amounts of the plant to extract the same amount of product. Another tip would be to make sure the bottle lists the botanical name of the oil (lavender/ lavendula for example), as well as buying from companies that will provide third party test results.

Brands We Trust: 

>> Doterrabecause of their CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®) label and 100% transparency through sourcetoyou.com

>> Saje Wellness - 100% certified natural products formulated to be safe and effective. Saje is rooted in environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility. All of their ingredients are derived from safe and renewable resources and packaging is made of recycled or recyclable materials. 

>> Young Living- high standards for planting, growing, harvesting, distilling, and producing essential oils. Seed to Seal® quality commitment which commits the company to providing pure, potent essential oils all over the world.

Best Essential Oils for Hormone Balance:

  1. Lavender is one of the most well researched essential oils & its benefits were documented thousands of years ago! Its natural properties have been shown to help balance hormones, provide pain relief for period cramps and headaches, soothe an upset stomach and decrease feelings of stress & anxiety. According to this study, simply holding a lavender essential oil like this one under your nose and inhaling the scent for 10 minutes can help move your body into a more relaxed state & alleviate some of the side effects of PMS!

  1. Clary Sage One study showed that after inhalation of clary sage oil, cortisol levels in participants were reduced by 36% and serotonin (a neurotransmitter linked to mood) levels increased! It's also been used to treat symptoms of PMS  including bloating, cramps, cravings & mood swings!

According to Dr. Axe, clary sage affects the hormones of the body because it contains natural phytoestrogens, which are referred to as “dietary estrogens” that are derived from plants and not within the endocrine system. These phytoestrogens give clary sage the ability to cause estrogenic effects. Thus it plays a role in balancing estrogen levels and maintaining the long-term health of the uterus — "reducing the chances of uterine and ovarian cancer." This is music to our ears because many of our clients are estrogen dominant as a result of processed foods & hormone injected meats, prescription pills like birth control and HRT, environmental toxins and excess use of soy. Adding an oil like this in addition to certain lifestyle changes (eating organic meats & produce, upping the healthy fats, switching to non-toxic products, taking a break from hormonal birth control etc.), can really elevate your hormone rebalancing plan!

  1. Thyme Oil Research discussed in the Proceedings of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine discovered thyme essential oil has progesterone balancing effects. Progesterone is essential for regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle and optimum levels are essential for fertility and ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Low progesterone levels (which we also see in many of our clients) are behind the long list of side effects common to estrogen dominance, like pms/mood swings, migraines, hair loss, irregular periods, and increased risk of miscarriage. Using Thyme essential oil is a great boost to your hormone balancing routine!

  1. Rose essential oil can also help treat cramps, fatigue, and nausea, making it a menstruation must-have. Not to mention that it smells heavenly and can elevate feelings of love and happiness. 

  1. Peppermint oil is one of our go-to's because it is so good at helping to relieve headaches and inflammation. Fluctuating estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can make you feel exhausted at different points in your menstrual cycle, so this is one to have at the ready! We recommend trying a rollerball (like the Peppermint Halo from Saje) formulation so you can rub it directly on your temples!  


  1. Roman chamomile, cinnamon and clove blend- all of these ingredients are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Clove has traditionally been used to reduce pain and Roman chamomile is an antispasmodic which can help to ease uncomfortable period pain.

Best Ways To Incorporate Oils Into Your Routine:

  1. Diffuse! One of the safest and most effective ways to use your essential oils is aromatically by diffusing them into the air. This method can provide many of the same benefits as using topically or orally with the added bonus of making your home smell and feel like walking into a day spa. Check out Wellness Mama's review of some of the best oil diffusers here!

Note: Clary Sage and lavender are a wonderful combination to pour into your diffuser to calm the central nervous system and bring down stress levels.

  1. Create a Massage Oil: Dilute 5 drops of Clary Sage oil (or whichever EO you are using to address a specific problem) with 5 drops of a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil and massage it directly into the area where needed -for example, a clary sage oil applied to the lower pelvis can provide period cramp relief.

  1. Inhale, Exhale! For stress & anxiety, place a lavender or clary sage oil directly under the nose. Take a deep breath in for the count of 5 - hold to the count of 5 - and exhale to the count of 5. Try this 5 times & see how you feel.

  1. Upgrade Your Bubble Bath! This is a great one to add to your self-care list and it's fab for boosting your mood & easing joint pain. Add 2–5 drops of each of the above oils to warm bath water. For an upgrade: combine with epsom salt and baking soda to make your own healing bath salts. You could also try an essential oil bubble bath with lavender & aloe like this one!

  1. Make Your Own EO Serum like this one by Dr. Axe!


1 ounce evening primrose oil

30 drops clary sage oil

30 drops thyme oil

30 drops ylang ylang oil


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a 2-ounce bottle
  2. Put into a glass vial with dropper.
  3. Rub 5 drops onto the neck 2 times daily.

Now that you know more about the powerful properties of essential oils for hormone balancing and PMS symptom relief, we encourage you to start experimenting!

Start slowly by choosing 1-2 oils you’d like to try or a blend, and decide how you’d like to incorporate them into your daily routines & rituals. Think about the symptoms you’d like support alleviating, and start with an essential oil blend that will address those needs.

And remember: testing your hormone levels is an effective, highly accurate way to get to the root of your symptoms and then take targeted steps to get back in balance all naturally. 

Interested in testing your hormone levels and getting started on an all-natural rebalancing plan? Now is a good time to test your hormones from home! Our saliva test kits are mailed to you directly for convenient collection (including a postage-paid shipping envelope for returning your samples directly to our lab for analysis)

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Email us at info@yourhormonebalance.com with any questions!

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