If you struggle with seasonal depression or just feel “down” and unmotivated, Vitamin D could play a role (there’s a reason it’s called the sunshine vitamin!). If you find yourself getting every seasonal flu/illness, increasing D could make a major difference! A Vitamin D deficiency can also correlate to higher body fat (particularly in the belly) and increased risks for obesity, MS and cancer! do we know if we need more Vitamin D? And how do we get enough Vitamin D if we can’t get 15-20 mins of direct rays every day? 

The best first step is to test to see whether or not you are in the optimal range. You can request a blood test from your doctor to measure Vitamin D (or email us and we can provide vitamin d testing a la carte!). Next, if levels are low, consider supplementing with a Vitamin D3 supplement, incorporating vitamin D rich foods and making key adjustments to your lifestyle to let more LIGHT into your life (more on this below!). =)

((SUPPLEMENTATION)) with Vitamin D3 (not D2) at 2000-5000 IU daily, brings most people into the optimal healthy range (testing your vitamin d level is ideal to know your level!). Note: research shows that supplementing with K2 helps determine where calcium goes in your body, sending it to your bones and teeth where you need it most. According to @drjolenebrighten “It is important to select Vitamin D3 with K2 to increase your blood levels and prevent toxicity issues.” Brands we like:

>>@onnit Vitamin D3 + K2 spray

>>@maryruthorganics D3 + K2 spray 

>>@drjolenebrighten liquid Vitamin D3/K2 

>>@gardenoflife Organic Plant Calcium + Magnesium + K2 + D3


>>Fatty fish i.e. wild-caught salmon, sardines, canned tuna

>>Pasture-raised egg yolks (i.e. @vitalfarms)

>>Fortified foods (such as fortified nut based milks)

>>Maitake & portobello mushrooms 

>>Beef, calves liver  


Get out in the sun 15 minutes every day with legs and arms exposed, (too much sunscreen blocks the benefit, 15 mins. without is fine for most people)

((BRIGHT LIGHT THERAPY)): A total of 30 to 60 minutes a day under a “happy light” (we like the brand, @verilux”) or something close to natural daylight, without glasses or contacts on, can help you feel the benefits right away. In the morning, light decreases your daytime levels of melatonin, but it will raise nighttime levels, helping you to sleep better!

Please note: the light emitted from the HappyLight is full spectrum white light and is UV free (so you aren’t actually synthesizing vitamin D directly from the happy light). 


((ECOTHERAPY)) Do you feel better when spending time in nature?  Whether it’s exercising outdoors, gardening or taking a walk on the beach, Ecotherapy is the idea that people have a deep connection to the environment and the earth.  When we nurture this connection it can have an amazing impact on your mental health!



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