Product Swap: Fertility Edition

When thinking about planning a family, one of the most important steps as a woman is to fuel yourself with specific nutrients to prep & prime the body for a healthy pregnancy! Using a combo of pregnancy happy vitamins & minerals with intentional nutrition AND a quality prenatal is key when it comes to getting pregnant and bringing a healthy baby into the world!

Unfortunately, in the US, the FDA doesn’t review prenatal vitamins for safety and efficacy before they get placed on the shelves & puts it into the hands of the manufacturers to test their own products (pretty shady!).

In recent years, the Spotlight on America team partnered with Ellipse Analytics, which tested more than 220 brands of prenatal vitamins for heavy metals including lead, pesticides & plasticizers and the results were eye opening. Even though all levels of lead found in the prenatals fell under the FDA’s recommended limit for daily lead exposure, many health practitioners agree this federal limit is too high (25 X greater than California’s Prop 65 lead limit of 0.5 mg per day)!

Nature’s Truth Prenatal contained lead nearly double Prop 65’s limit (lead exposure during fetal development can impact the development of a baby’s brain) so choosing a brand that falls within CA Prop 65 standards as well as one with high quality, bio-available ingredients is extremely important for the health & safety of a developing fetus.

We’ve chosen 3 superior prenatals that are not only tested for lead under Prop 65 requirements but contain ingredients that are crucial for a healthy mama & baby to be: @modernfertility, @needed & @fullwellfertility

These prenatals include active, non-synthetic folate (prevents birth defects) and vitamin B12, vitamin D and choline (for fetal brain development) + other key nutrients to help you meet your needs! Taking a prenatal months before conception helps your body prep for pregnancy, and is especially important if you were ever on hormonal birth control which depletes nutrients important for pregnancy!

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