Hormone Balancing Star Ingredient: Collagen


Chances are you've heard of collagen but do you know why it's SO powerful for hormone support? First off, it's literally the glue that binds us together, making up 30% of the body's protein and 70% of the skin's protein! But as soon as we hit our 20's, our levels start to decline (about 1% each year) which is why it's one of the top causes of aging...think fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin AND also the reason that it's increasingly popular in supplements & skincare products! ⁠

In addition to being the "beauty" protein, collagen can help reduce stress! Overproduction of cortisol "stress" hormone wreaks havoc on the body (especially the thyroid and the liver) and can lead to adrenal imbalances. The naturally occurring high level of the amino acid glycine in collagen is responsible for helping to reduce stress and promote proper thyroid function! Lastly, if you're someone who suffers from hormonal imbalances, healing the gut is a non-negotiable, and collagen is extremely supportive for this too. Easy ways to add this satiating, high-quality protein source into your daily rituals: ⁠

>>Organic bone broth (bioavailable & delicious when made into a soup or stew! You can make your own or purchase from reputable brands like @kettleandfire & @bonafideprovisions)⁠

>> Flavorless collagen peptides (we are fans of @furtherfood & @vitalproteins marine & bovine peptides which can be added to shakes, dips, soups, desserts & more)!⁠

>>Collagen creamers/ lattes- we also love @vitalproteins matcha collagen & coconut creamers! (Combining matcha w/ the benefits of collagen is an amazing energy booster with an added boost of antioxidants and amino acids to keep you feeling calm). The creamers are great when added to coffee which we recommend for hormone support vs. preparing it black!

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