Product Review: Cycle Tracking Apps

Do you track your menstrual cycle? This is one of the most important ways that women of reproductive age can get in-tuned with their bodies and understand the signs of ovulation & their fertile window + learn how to sync with the 4 phases of their menstrual cycle for a healthier, happier period, reduced PMS and a stronger sense of self!

We recommend using both the My Flo App, created by @alisa.vitti and the @naturalcycles app as an amazing non-hormonal duo for tracking your cycle and family planning (helping to prevent or plan for a potential pregnancy)! When you understand on a deeper, more connected level WHAT your hormones are doing during each phase of your menstrual cycle and which foods, forms of movement, productivity style and even type of sex will be most supportive (which the My Flo app provides), you experience greater balance, fewer PMS symptoms & learn to even love your period! Couple that with a non-hormonal birth control app (@naturalcycles) which allows you to track your basal body temperature each morning and receive green (non-fertile) and red (fertile) days + reminders about when to carry out a breast exam, you discover SO much more about your body and start to work WITH vs. AGAINST it every single day! 

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