Product Swap: Body Wash

When choosing a body wash or scrub, here’s why switching to a non-toxic brand like @acure matters for your health & hormones:⁠

Most body washes are filled with nasty chemicals & preservatives: things like phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and sulfates can throw a wrench in the way your body produces hormones. They are xeno-estrogens which are basically fake estrogens that try to get into the cells of the body and can lead to imbalances like estrogen dominance (a catalyst for symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings, irregular or missing periods, anxiety, depression, and even breast cancer down the line).⁠

Making simple swaps to non-toxic products over time can make a HUGE difference down the line. 3 tips for getting started:⁠

  1. Find a brand like @acurebeauty whose products you trust and make them your one-stop. Acure has everything you need for skin & body care and it’s affordable and easy to find via online marketplaces like @thrivemarket 
  2. When you run out of a toxic product, make a pact to switch it for a clean alternative instead of feeling like you have to throw out/ waste all of the money you spent on your current collections ⁠
  3. Think about surface area & frequency of use. If you rub body wash all over your body 4-7 times a week, that’s a good swap to make sooner than later vs. a mascara you only use on your eyelashes a few times per week!⁠

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