Product Pick: LOLA Latex Condoms

If you’re not using hormonal birth control and/or want to protect against STDs, it’s important to keep condoms on hand (especially during ovulation // on your most fertile days, up to 6 days per month)… but not just any condoms - it’s best to opt for those made of safer, non-toxic ingredients. Thankfully, there are a few companies dedicated to transparency that clearly state the ingredients used in their product (not all do) like our featured product, @LOLA, which not only offers non-toxic condoms, but provides a whole line of non-toxic menstrual products for women.⁠

(Bonus: You can sign up for a subscription and have them delivered to your door).⁠

Other brands we like? ⁠

>> @SUSTAIN Latex Condoms ⁠

And as a reminder, if you are not using birth control, using tracking apps such as @naturalcylces or “My Flo” by @floliving will help you get in tune with your cycle and learn exactly what days you are most fertile (CUE the condoms!).⁠

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