Hormone Balancing Star Ingredient: Coconut Kefir

Have you tried coconut kefir? It's an incredible food that contains many probiotic compounds and up to 30 strains of good bacteria to help improve digestive & hormonal health, fight infection and ward off bad bacteria! ⁠

The great thing about coconut kefir (which is simply coconut water, fermented with kefir grains) is that it's dairy and lactose-free and is easy to find in health food stores but can also be prepared from home! ⁠

Ways to enjoy on the daily: ⁠

>> Mix into smoothies or pour onto superfood cereal bowls

>> Add to overnight oats or chia puddings with favorite gut-healthy toppings (nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, nut butter, etc) We like the brand @coyo_organic

>> Via a refreshing beverage like @innereco

>> As a replacement for buttermilk in recipes ⁠

>> You can also flavor your homemade kefir with things like pumpkin spice, orange peels, monk fruit, vanilla & cinnamon, and chopped fruit! ⁠

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