Elements of a Hormone Balancing Meal


Looking for a simple & customizable snack the whole family will enjoy? With a few tweaks to the traditional crudités, this one is packed with brain-boosting fats, energizing protein & carbs + filling fiber to keep blood sugar levels stable so you can feel productive all day! 🙌⁠

-Veggies for dipping (the more color you add, the more vitamins & minerals). For example, radish is a great source of vitamin c (promotes collagen production & strengthens the immune system) and carrots are filled with beta-carotene (improves eye health) ⁠

-Protein and/or fat-rich dip like this red pepper hummus adds a nutrient-dense carb from the chickpeas which is also high in protein, fiber & fats for hormone production & healthy periods! Other dips we love: @mishaskindfoods and @bitchinsauce

-Adding an extra source of protein like @chomps grass-fed jerky sticks, will keep you fuller for longer + is free from preservatives and sugar found in most jerky brands! Use code BLISSBYJESS for 15% off + free shipping at chomps.com⁠

-Go for fibrous fruits like green apples, raspberries & blackberries to keep you satisfied & to sweep excess estrogen from the body!

Do you have an idea for a hormone balancing meal?

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