Hormone Balancing Recipe: Snack Time!



Crave chocolate right before your period like clockwork? The last 1/2 of the luteal phase (the week before your period), tends to be the time women have intense chocolate and sugar cravings (due to depleted magnesium levels, lower intolerance to pain & inflammation), but rather than go overboard with Hershey's chocolate OR try to restrict your cravings, tune in and find an alternative that will be just as satisfying AND hormone balancing! ⁠

We love the snack of dark chocolate (at least 70% raw cacao) & apples dipped in almond butter because it zaps those chocolate cravings AND provides a boost of macro & micro-nutrients that your body craves during this time in your cycle! When choosing your chocolate, go for organic (to avoid pesticides) and dark chocolate over milk or white chocolate, which tend to be made with conventional dairy & added sugars. Check to make sure it's naturally sweetened with something like coconut sugar or a sugar-free non-GMO alternative like @lakanto monkfruit (we love @beautybarchocolate & @hukitchen for this reason)!⁠

Pairing your chocolate with a protein & fiber-rich snack (like apples and nut butter) will keep your blood sugar levels stable as well as your mood which will make your PMS symptoms MUCH more manageable. This time of the month doesn't have one that we dread, especially if we feed our bodies foods that support the specific phase of our menstrual cycle and what our hormones are doing. ⁠

Psst- If you're not in your reproductive years or don't have a period, this is STILL a great snack for the whole family (energizing, mood-boosting & blood sugar balancing). Enjoy!⁠

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