Listen to Candace on the "Feel Good Podcast" w/Kimberly Snyder

Tune into the “Feel Good Podcast” (w/ @_kimberlysnyder) to hear our founder share wisdom on natural hormone rebalancing techniques, including a discussion of:

👉The impact of stress on our hormones & tips for reducing our “allostatic load”

👉 Working out & how/why overtraining can contribute to imbalances if not done mindfully

👉 Why ovulating is SO important for our health & longevity

👉 Can we rebalance our hormones from diet & lifestyle alone or do we need pharmaceutical aids?

👉 Why eating a balanced plate is key for hormone balance & how restricting entire foods groups (like carbs) can do more harm than good

👉 Candace’s take on melatonin for sleep & healthy nighttime rituals

👉 How to rebalance your hormones naturally (and see results quicker than you may think!)

Listen to the episode HERE

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