Check Out This Episode of the WTF Podcast "High Androgens: The Culprits Behind PCOS" w/Natalie Gustafson, R.PH & Co-host Kyle McAvoy

Tune into this episode of our founder’s podcast “Women Talking Frankly” for a discussion around “high androgens” and PCOS, including:

The factors that contribute to high androgens and what happens when these powerful drivers remain elevated, triggering a raft of symptoms that impact skin, weight, periods, and our peace of mind!

The key role that high Testosterone and DHEA levels play in PCOS, the causative link between diet, insulin resistance and ovarian overproduction of the androgens

How to properly diagnose PCOS

Lifestyle and treatment approaches for PCOS that don’t help and of course great advice about what natural approaches we know can help … beginning with hormone testing to pinpoint the extent to which androgens are out-of-whack and serve as a guide to the necessary diet, exercise and supplements known to restore balance.

Listen to the episode HERE

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