Check Out Candace Burch on the "Flipping 50 Podcast" w/Debra Atkinson as they discuss Breast Cancer Risks + Your Hormones

Tune into our founder’s podcast interview with Debra Atkinson, Fitness Expert and founder of @flipping50tv - all about the hormonal connection to breast cancer and top prevention strategies.⁠

In this short episode they answer the following Q’s:⁠

✔️ How does estrogen dominance increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer?⁠

✔️ ​​Does progesterone protect against risk of breast cancer? ⁠

✔️ Is there a link between obesity and increased risk of breast cancer?⁠

✔️ What are Xenoestrogens and how do they play into hormone imbalances and breast cancer risk? How can listeners avoid them?⁠

✔️ What are the foods a woman wants to eat more of to reduce risks…and then on the flip side to avoid eating?⁠

✔️ What everyday steps can a woman take to protect breast health? ⁠

Listen to the episode HERE

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