3 Reasons “Grass-Fed” is Better for Your Health!

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Do you ever wonder if the hype around grass-fed meat and organic poultry is legit? 

I work with clients dealing with a range of hormonal imbalances that manifest in symptoms like lethargy, weight gain/weight loss resistance, skin disturbances, severe anxiety, insomnia, painful periods and bad PMS, and when it comes to rebalancing, there are several factors that must be addressed: blood sugar balance with whole food nutrition, stress reduction, intentional movement, and targeted supplementation. And it's important to note that where your food comes from is just as important as what it is!  

3 reasons to go grass-fed & organic: 

1. Conventional beef contains added hormones and antibiotics to fatten up the animals quickly. Grass-fed beef means the cows have lived on a natural diet of greens, and have received no antibiotics or hormones .When it comes to poultry, in order to be labeled “USDA Organic,” the chicken has to be fed a 100% organic diet and raised free from antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients or pesticides. When we ingest synthetic hormones and pesticides, they act like xeno “fake” estrogens in the body and become a catalyst for hormone imbalances. Ingested antibiotics and toxins make it really hard for the liver to detoxify the body and also impact our gut microbiome. This can perpetuate hormonal imbalances and the symptoms I mentioned above.

2. Higher Nutrient Quality Grass-fed beef has better fat quality containing significantly more anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats and significantly fewer inflammatory Omega-6 fats. We NEED these fats to produce hormones, support brain health, fertility, healthy periods, fat burning and more! Grass-fed beef also has much more vitamin K2 (heart & bone health) + more antioxidants to prevent cell damage. 

3. Tastes Better! I challenge you to do a side-by-side taste test of a USDA organic chicken breast and one that is not. If you're a steak person try a bite of grass-fed steak and then one that is conventionally produced. I am confident you will notice a difference in flavor and therefore, satisfaction. And one of the keys to sticking to supportive lifestyle changes is to find foods that you look forward to and actually enjoy! 

I realize cost can be a prohibitive factor but fortunately there are now amazing nationwide delivery services like Imperfect Foods, eliminating food waste and providing affordable options for produce, meats & more! I get pasture raised eggs, grass-fed meat & organic poultry from them bi-weekly. Use my link for 20% off your first order & check out their pantry staples!

I also suggest suggesting out the delicious grass-fed meats and organic poultry from the regenerative farm, Spring Cut Cattle. They offer 100% grass-fed and finished beef that’s nutrient-dense so your family is getting the nutrients and flavor you need! I just got a box and was BLOWN away by the flavor. Check out the grass-fed kabob recipe I made!

Have you tried grass-fed meat before? Hop on over to our recent reel where we share 6 reasons to go grass-fed! 

Got questions or experiences with grass fed beef to share? We’d love to hear it (comment below!)

XOXO, Jess Suchan


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