Latest episode of the WTF Podcast: The Science Behind Hormone Imbalance w/ Dr Zava, Founder of ZRT Laboratory

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In our latest episode, Kyle and Candace get the chance to meet with Dr. Zava, an expert on hormones and hormone testing, as well as the founder of ZRT Laboratory: known as one of the foremost hormone testing labs in the United States and globally.

Together they explore the latest science and information that can help women prevent hormone imbalances, and Dr. Zava provides a deeper understanding of the role that hormones play in our overall wellness. 

Join this interview as they answer your questions about hormones including: 

  • Why both men and women need estrogen.
  • How testing hormone levels can identify specific imbalances.
  • How environmental chemical carcinogens impact our hormonal health.
  • Why saliva is the most accurate and stress-free way to test for hormone imbalance
  • Hot flashes, serotonin, individual differences in women.
  • Progesterone, the menstrual cycle, and ovulation.
  • The importance of knowing your symptoms of hormone imbalance.



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