Quick Tips for Better Sleep (+ YHB’s preferred sleep supplement)

We all know that sleep is important, but unfortunately, many of us struggle to make it a priority and get in the amounts we need to thrive! There are many factors that contribute to sleep disturbances, including stress, excessive blue light (from phones, laptops, etc), hormone disruptive chemicals in home & beauty products, and poor nutrition. The question is, do we know the real cost of consistently not getting enough quality sleep? 

Some symptoms that can arise from poor sleep include:

  • weight gain (particularly in the belly) & difficulty losing weight
  • impaired cognitive function
  • reduced physical strength
  • suppressed immune system
  • mood swings
  • low libido
  • higher risk of heart disease and diabetes 

To avoid these symptoms we must start making incremental changes toward getting high-quality shut-eye today! Some of our favorite steps:

#1-Avoid exposure to blue light from electronics - which disrupts the production of melatonin (the master sleep hormone) before bed. 

>>Aim to keep electronics out of the bedroom, and turn them off 1-2 hours before bed!

>>You can also invest in some blue light blocking glasses for the times you need to be using screens and download the free f.lux app on your computer that warms up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting.

#2 - Give yourself ample time to wind down. We often expect ourselves to be able to work and stay “productive” right until we hit the pillow, but that can lead to feeling wired but not tired!

 >> Spend that last hour before bed dimming the lights and doing something that soothes you like taking an Epsom salt & essential oil bath, reading a light-hearted book, meditating (or just deep breathing),  listening to binaural beats, or putting on a relaxing podcast as you wind down. 

#3- Keep high-intensity workouts to 3 or less per week, especially if you feel run down or have trouble sleeping after HIIT workouts. Instead, try swapping 2 or more workouts for yoga, pilates or long walks!

>> Note: symptoms such as feeling tired and wired at night, low energy / lethargic throughout the day and/or reliant on caffeine are signs that you have cortisol (‘stress’ hormone) / adrenal imbalance (read our recent blog post "help for tired adrenals" HERE)

After making all of these lifestyle changes, sometimes we still need a little extra support getting the best sleep possible. It may mean replenishing certain vitamins and minerals or bringing in some herbs to support our body getting into deeper levels of sleep and relaxation. This is where supplementation comes in. We love to encourage a magnesium supplement like CALM to tame anxiety and support better sleep (which we featured in our last "hormone balancing product" post HERE) as well as Hum’s Beauty Zzz’s (use code 165CB1 ​for $10 off your first purchase).

Why we love Hum Beauty zzZz's:

Beauty zzZz’s has an effective blend of B6 for metabolic maintenance, calcium, AND melatonin for a boost when our body has a hard time creating enough of its own. We talk a lot about the importance of a sleep routine and going to bed and waking up around the same time everyday….so a product like this helps you do just that by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, as well as improving your daytime awareness! 

Potential benefits of this supplement include:


The best way to use this product is to take 1 tablet, approx. 20 minutes before bedtime on an empty stomach!

In general, we love  HUM Nutrition because they formulate all their supplements with clean, clinically tested ingredients that are triple-tested to make sure they are pure and potent. Their certified RD’s create personalized suggestions so you can get the supplements that are just right for you!


In short: it’s time to start putting quality rest at the top of your priority list so you can feel your best and support your body in its natural healing mechanisms. Set yourself up for amazing sleep with these lifestyle shifts and key support supplements!

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