Product Swap: Energy Drink Edition

We talk to a lot of clients who feel like they can’t make it through the day without coffee, energy drinks OR a combo like this Starbucks double shot coffee & energy drink which seems like the best of both worlds, right? Not if you’re trying to balance your hormones & improve energy levels naturally!

If you wake up feeling like you just got hit by a truck OR are tired at night but come to life right when it’s time to fall asleep, NEED some kind of energy drink daily, are edgy, irritable or anxious and/or your periods are irregular, heavy or painful, you are likely dealing with hormone imbalances which can be made worse by adding cheap caffeine, processed sugars & artificial sweeteners!

Starbucks slyly showcases the more natural forms of energy front and center on the label (B12, guarana & ginseng), not mentioning the 25 grams of refined sugar (recommended daily value is 24 grams for woman), conventional dairy shot up with growth hormones (which we then ingest, further creating imbalances like estrogen dominance) & artificial sweeteners like sucralose which can cause headaches and gut issues!

Just one can contains 200mg of unhealthy caffeine sources which hits the adrenals like a whiplash (especially combined with inflammatory dairy & processed ingredients) and can increase cortisol “stress hormones,” impact healthy progesterone levels and throw the entire endocrine system out of whack, leading to many of the symptoms we listed above as well as more serious conditions like PCOS & diabetes.

There are plenty of healthier alternatives that will support your desire for a little pick-me-up without the crash! We love @bodyblissbyjess’ sugar-free (w/ @lakanto monkfruit) matcha latte blend w/ almond milk (use code YHB10 for 10% off), @drinkruna’s organic, low sugar energy drink (in moderation) and/or @goultima electrolytes in water for a caffeine-free energy boost, replenishing the electrolytes we lose when we sweat, drink alcohol or breast feed!

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