Product Pick: Copper Wings Candle Co.

When choosing candles, here’s why switching to a non-toxic brand like @copperwingscandleco matters for your health & hormones:⁠

Many scented candles contain harmful chemicals and pollutants such as benzene and toluene that can cause damage to the lungs and central nervous system when burned. The good news is, there are options for cleaner burning candles so that you can still enjoy their relaxing ambiance! What you want to avoid is paraffin wax (a carcinogenic petroleum byproduct), dyes, and lead wicks (sometimes still used when made outside the US). Look for candles made with beeswax or vegetable wax (soy, coconut, etc), phthalate-free fragrance (or unscented), and wooden or 100% cotton wicks.

Other candle brands we love include:

-P.F. Candle Co

-Bookend Candle Co


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